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Matrixe Zone is not just a digital agency, but your strategic partner for impressive and user-friendly online solutions. Since 2015, we have been combining technical expertise with creative brilliance to set standards in web development, SEO, SEM and online marketing. Our expertise extends from digital design to effective e-commerce solutions to holistic digital strategies and brand development. As a team of passionate creatives, we pride ourselves on helping our clients stand out in the digital space and achieve real results.

Why Matrixe Zone for your project?

In the ever-changing digital landscape, we are passionate about staying at the forefront. Our philosophy is to continually challenge ourselves and exceed our own standards. This drives us to constantly look for more innovative, smarter and more efficient solutions. Our continuous learning process is a core part of our ethos. We are firmly convinced that passion and joy in work leads directly to outstanding results. So if you are looking for a partner who not only has the specialist knowledge, but also the enthusiasm and commitment to make your project a success, then you have come to the right place.

From local beginnings to global expansion and Back –
The Matrixe Story

Unser Team zielstrebigen im Matrixe

The Matrix Story in a few words ...

My name is Sven Erxleben, and 25 years ago I founded Matrixe with friends in a kitchen in Leipzig's southern suburbs. Originally it was a small shop on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße that specialized in hardware, network technology and service. The basic idea was to bring together friends who were fascinated by IT and exciting technologies and wanted to shape this career path as freely as possible.

The company quickly developed and one store became three, with our offering expanding significantly. Around 2003, I began to focus more on web development through our own online business. The step to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) as well as online marketing was then not far away. We quickly realized how important these areas would be in the future and how fascinating they are.

In the years that followed, we started a very successful collaboration with Indian developers, which made the matrix more and more international. My travels took me to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America on behalf of the Matrix. These years were an exciting and colorful time, full of international experiences and successes, of course including smaller challenges :-). In 2005 we decided to separate Matrixe and Matrixe Computerstore. I continued to concentrate on the matrix and worked for many years with a constantly growing international team on various in-house projects in industry and wholesale.

Now we're heading back home. The time has come to dedicate myself again to the original idea of the matrix and to open myself up to new, exciting projects and collaboration with new customers. So my team and I are available again in Germany and are looking forward to new, big challenges.

Let's reach new digital horizons together. I look forward to working with you on exciting projects and celebrating new successes. Here’s to a future-oriented and inspiring collaboration!

Sven Erxleben

Our methods

Our approach in the digital space is based on three core strategies that focus on optimizing SEO, SEM and online marketing. We strive to ensure maximum online engagement and sustainable business success through our specialized strategies.


SEO & position analysis, strategy planning for SEM

Goal setting in the business area, SEO position analysis, SEM strategy development, opportunity recognition, UX planning for better conversion rates, risk assessment in online marketing.


Content optimization, design development, SEO & SEM copywriting

Design optimization for better user engagement, UI development with SEO in focus, UX development for maximum conversions, system engineering, SEO & SEM specific copywriting and content-based marketing.


Online marketing analysis, live user tests, performance optimization

Live user tests for SEM campaigns, engagement analysis in online marketing, performance tests for SEO optimization, protection against negative SEO tactics.

Our team

Our Matrixe Zone team includes employees who are considered experts in their work. Experts in development, graphic design, data analysis and project management. With our know-how, we have been able to complete dozens of projects at home and abroad. Work with us and together we will find out what we can do for you.

Unser Team zielstrebigen im Matrixe
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